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Our Firm

"Opportunities will come and go, but if you do nothing about them, so will you." -RICHIE NORTON

We are a full-service financial firm in the Dallas Forth Worth area committed to helping people pursue their financial goals. We offer a wide range of financial products and services to individuals and business owners. We conduct seminars throughtout Plano, Frisco, Richardson, Allen, McKinney, and Dallas.  We believe you will be better able to identify your goals and make sound decisions to help reach them through sound financial information.

Please call us if you have any questions about our firm or the range of financial products and services we provide. 


Our Advisors:

Tom Eifler

Thomas O. Eifler Jr. has been in the financial services industry since 1988. Tom has a bachelor's degree in finance from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he graduated cum laude after just two and a half years. 

Many Texans may recognize Tom's voice as the former weekend host of the “Financial Safari” radio show on WBAP 820 and KLIF 570, on which he educated listeners on retirement income strategies and the pitfalls of improper estate planning.

Tom also enjoys another type of airtime outside his role at Canyon Creek Capital. He began flying at age 17 and is an instrument-rated airplane pilot as well as a commercial-rated helicopter pilot. He has used the latter license to assist in the aftermath of natural disasters.

In 2006, he received the Igor Sikorsky Humanitarian Service Award from the Helicopter Association International for his role in rescuing individuals in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. After the hurricane, Tom's helicopter was the first available for use at the Baton Rouge airport, where it helped over the course of six days. Flying more than 14 hours a day, he transported people to hospitals, flew levy workers to get equipment and provided transportation for a photographer from The New York Times, whose iconic aerial photos of the hurricane's devastation during that time were all taken from Tom's helicopter.

Tom also flew 18 days in Haiti following the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated the country in 2010. In addition to providing transportation for the director of Hope for Haiti, he flew in and out of orphanage locations and transported medical personnel to and from hospitals. Tom has since set up the Haitian Relief Fund, a 501(c)(3) foundation focused on ongoing work in the ravaged nation.

Tom enjoys challenging himself physically and mentally through a variety of outdoor adventures. He has competed in two Iron Man competitions, the Boston Marathon and several other endurance races.
Tom resides in Plano. He is married to Susan and they have 8 children, Thomas, Christopher, Alaina, Emily, Sam, Eloise, Jacob and Matthew.